“I SPY: Salvation’s Story”
... an exciting new adventure
for Holy Cross kids!

Why is there building debris scattered across the ground? Why is that basket floating in the river? Who would wear such a tiny little coat? Why is he holding that burning coal? What message is hidden in the missing scroll? What does the red cord hanging from that window mean? Who owns this worn out broom? Why are there dried palms covering this desert road? What does all this wind and fire mean?

Get ready to investigate and find the answer to these questions and more!  This fall our Holy Cross kids will delve into biblical mysteries at “I SPY: Salvation’s Story”.  Using clues from the Bible, children try to solve the mystery and gain a better understanding of God’s Word.  

The mystery continues every Sunday at 9:45am, for children ages 3 - 8th grade.  See you then!